How your Roof Color Affects your Energy Bill

states, a darker colored roof is most common. Black, dark-gray and dark brown being those darker colors. As we know dark colors soak up solar rays and lightly color reflect the sun’s rays. Consider an asphalt street in the midst of August right after a storm. All the steam from the road is the temperature built up in the asphalt evaporating the water. Very same kind of temperature increase happens with the roof.

Dark Colored Sugar Land Roof can make the Attic 10 to 15 degrees hotter than a light colored roof

The actual issue is how much impact the heat build-up has for your Sugar Land homes energy cost. The real difference from a darker colored and lighter colored rooftop in the middle of the summer months are about 10 to 15 degrees in your attic space. Precisely what will that come out to cost wise? Well, that has much more to do with the houses insulation and attic space ventilation.

Certainly the cooler the temperature in the attic the less it’ll cost you to cool down the house. However the color of your Sugar Land homes roof is only one of three aspects in the cooling down your attic space.

Majority of Sugar Land Homes don’t have enough Attic Insulation

The majority of homes don’t have adequate insulation and improper attic venting. In order to greatly reduce the houses cooling bill all 3 problems ought to be sorted out. The color of your Sugar Land roof can impact your energy cost but only so much, like ten percent. While handling all three concerns can reduce your bill by thirty or forty percent.

Suppose I do not want a light color rooftop on my home? Roof shingle manufacturers have come up with what the roof industry termed cool roofs. These roofing shingles, the are manufactured in several typical and attractive colors, reflect the sun’s solar rays decreasing heat accumulation within the asphalt shingles.

Houston Roofing is the Leader in Cool Roof Installation in Sugar Land

There are other benefits to cool roofing also. Besides your darker colored roofs warm up your home but also the space around your house. After you put together a neighborhood of residences, the temps of the entire community increases. Now consider the affect city wide. Cool roof shingles decrease this particular affect as well. If a lot of people decreased their own power usage cooling their home then a large amount of electricity consumption is alleviated.

Let’s say I don’t need a brand new roof? For those who have a darker colored roof and would like to decrease your energy bill, have a Sugar Land roof contractor to examine your attic space air flow and insulation. Improving both of these areas will help with electricity cost and lengthen the lifespan of your roof structure.

Houston Roofing is your Sugar Land Roofing Contractor

Frequent roof maintenance by your Sugar Land roof company can locate storm damage from hail and high winds, find leaks prior to addition harm is created, and lengthen the roofing life expectancy. A certified Sugar Land roofer will check out all facets of the complete roof system. In case you are getting a new roof installed, choose an experienced and trusted Sugar Land roofing company who’ll get the job done correctly and precisely. Your new Sugar Land roof is only as good as the installation.