How to find a good HVAC contractor

Whether you are looking for someone to install or repair a furnace, or whether you want to install central air conditioning in your home, you are going to require the services of a good HVAC contractor.  HVAC, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refers to all of the systems in your home that either heat or cool the air.  These systems have many working parts, so it’s important to find a contractor you can trust to get the job done effectively and affordably.

What makes a good HVAC contractor?  First and foremost, they should be someone with whom you feel comfortable.  They will be in your home for quite some time, so be sure you meet with the technician ahead of time to get a feel for whether you get along with them or not.  Also, ask to see his credentials.  HVAC contractors are required to be licensed, having undergone speciality training, so be sure they have the qualifications they say they have.

HVAC contractors have different specialities, and it’s important to ensure that he particular contractor you select has the expertise to meet your particular needs.  If you only need a repair, be sure you don’t hire a contractor who only handles installations.  Conversely, if you need a full new installation, it’s not recommended that you hire someone who specializes only in repairs.  Find out exactly what skills and specialities they company you are considering offers.

The good news is it doesn’t take much effort to find a good HVAC contractor in your area.  A good place to start is online, where you’ll find sites for a wide variety of companies such as:  Companies will almost always outline the services they provide and any specialities their technicians have right on their website, making the search much easier.

Once you find a few options online, it’s important to speak to them over the phone or, better yet, to meet with them in person.  As already stated, you will want to get a feel for their personality and professionalism before you hire them to work on your home.  That’s something you can only do first hand.  You should always trust your instinct on things like this.  If you get a bad feeling about a particular company or contractor, don’t hire them.  Your instinct is telling you something.

Get quotes for several contractors before you hire anyone.  There is no one set industry rate for each service, so always look around for a fair price.

Finally, never discount the power of word of mouth recommendations.  Ask people whom you trust for their recommendations.  More often than not, the recommendations you get from people you actually know will be the very best recommendations because the people you ask wouldn’t want you to have a bad experience, so they will be honest with you.  Getting trusted advice is very valuable when it comes to hiring contractors, because in many cases they will be people you have never had to hire before and whom you may never need again, so it’s important to have a good experience the first time.

Hiring an HVAC contractor doesn’t have to be a daunting experience.  Al it takes to find a good one is a little bit of diligence and some research, along with some trusted recommendations.  Soon, you’ll be living in cool (or warm!) comfort in your home.