Dealing With Roof Tiles That Blow Off

Tiled roofs often fail because of wind pressure. When wind moves over your roof, an upward force is created. That automatically causes your roof tiles to be affected. They can often be completely removed or rattling appears.

Most people think that roofing tiles will simply be blown off their roof. That is not actually the case. The upward force we mentioned will travel over the entire roof. Tiles are actually sucked upwards. The subtle distinction is very important since that is what helps you to realize what a secure roofing system is. According to Westchase Roofing, the roof tiles have to be secured against an upward lift. This is what will keep the tiles on the roof.

When wind travels on roofs, air pressure right on top will decrease. Pressure from underneath roofs increase. That pressure increase will result in a pressure that directly affects roof tiles. We have a negative pressure above and one beyond. Tiles are thus sucked upwards, with their tail lifting under the pressure. If pitch is low, forces experienced will be even higher.

In the past we had roof tiles being pegged or nailed at the tile’s top or head. That will secure it against gravity. The problem is that this has a really small effect on the upward lift we mentioned. We have the bottom of the tile only being secured through the weight of the next tile.

What we should all know is that the roofing tiles that are secured or clipped at the bottom will withstand this force we mentioned above around 5 times more. You can easily wire or clip the roof tiles in order to guarantee protection against wind uplifting. What is even better is that the method can also stop the chatter or rattle that often appears as winds seep the roofs. Chatters will appear because tiles are taken up by the force and then dropped, all in a wind vortex. Adding silicone between tile courses will offer an extra protection against this chatter so why not take advantage of it?

The only other really important thing we should highlight is that with the modern roofing tiles clips it is vital that proper installation happens. If this is not the case, you can be sure that no extra benefit will appear. We tend to think that all the roofers are the same in terms of the work that they can do. This is not actually the case. In reality, the difference between them can be really high. You should not focus on finding one that just has huge experience. You need to find a roofer that is going to prove that he has experience with the modern clips you are about to install.

The good news is that we now have many different options available for those that are interested in having a roof that is as secure as it should be. All that you have to do is be sure you will find those professionals that have suitable experience. Focus on this and you will end up with great solutions.